Florida Keys Lobster Season Kickoff: Key West Lobsterfest & More!

Florida keys Lobster Season

Florida Keys Lobster Tails Ready for Grilling!

Vacationing in the Florida Keys usually involves a lot of time spent on the beautiful blue water. The boating activities are endless: diving, snorkeling, fishing, spearfishing, and just simply relaxing. For fun on the water, one of our favorite times of year is Florida Keys Lobster Season! Our southernmost city, Key West, kicks it off in style with a lobster boil, a famed Duval St. Crawl, and a free street fair and food festival with music. If you want to catch your own bugs, all you need is a boat, some simple tools, and a taste for the thrill of the hunt! You’ll have the bug for Florida’s ‘favorite crustacean’ in no time! We can handle the boat rental for your vacation. We can hook you up with the gear you need too. Just bring your adventurous spirit and check out the following events, plus lobstering tips, rules, and regulations for some of the best fun under the Florida Keys sun!
Dive Tanks for Florida Keys Lobster Season

Dive Tanks Ready for Catching Lobster

Key West Lobsterfest

The annual festival commemorates the beginning of Florida Keys’ lobster season, which is August 6th through March 31st every year. We started our celebration at the Sunset Tiki Bar & Grille on Thursday for an amazing lobster boil. Each guest got a pound of deliciousness including lobster, shrimp, Andouille sausage, corn on the cob, and new potatoes. It was only $22 and we were lucky to get in because it ended up being sold out. Friday night, August 9th, we did the Duval crawl starting at sunset. We didn’t make it ‘til midnight but our official Lobsterfest ’13 t-shirt proves we survived. Saturday was the real Keys party – from noon to 11pm nearly 20 local chefs dished their take on the Florida spiny lobster at the street fair from the 100 through 500 blocks of Duval. Local, national, and regional bands rocked the outdoor party all day long. Dozens of vendors showcased some Keysy arts & crafts. The official site for the Lobster Season festival in Key West is keywestlobsterfest.com. It’s an annual event that only promises to keep getting better so check it out! For your own celebration when Key West Lobster Fest Ends, catch your own bugs and grill on! We like ours grilled, fried, or any way we can get it really! For one of our favorite preparations check out this delicious Florida Lobster Ceviche recipe. Check out our fully equipped selection of boats and get a Florida Keys rental boat for lobstering.

Want Catch your Own Florida Keys Lobster? Rules and Regs

• Valid saltwater fishing license AND lobster (crawfish) permit required (unless you are exempt) Visit MyFWC.com/License.
• Size Requirement: minimum 3 inches in length from the hard part of the forward edge to the rear edge of the lobster’s carapace.
• Bag Limit: 6 lobsters per day.*
• When you are off the water, you can possess the daily bag limit on the first day (6 lobsters) and double the daily bag limit (12 lobsters) on the second day. Possession limits are enforced on and off the water.
• Spiny lobster must remain in whole condition until it is brought to shore.
• Harvest of egg-bearing females is prohibited
• Divers must possess a measuring device and lobsters must be in the water while they are measured.
• No use of any device that might puncture, penetrate or crush the shell of the lobster.

*applies to Monroe County, other Florida laws may vary. Verify legal limits and requirements before you go lobstering.

Florida Keys Lobstering: How To Video

See the tools, techniques, rules and regulations of Florida Keys lobstering demonstrated by pros.